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Car Maintenance Budget

Let’s face it- Owning a care equates to keeping it in decent running order, if you intend to take it on the road. It’s not like there’s a choice. The trick is to lock in a good service routine which doesn’t make your wallet feel like an endangered species. It is possible, and with a bit of research, you can find the service you need.

The best service options are:

· On site service
· No charges for time in transit, etc, and other rip-offs
· On road service when you need it
· No “membership fees”
· Service for all makes of car
· Industry standard best practice service
· Mechanics who are able to explain problems
· No hidden fees
· Upfront quotes before starting work

Impossible? No, it’s the type of service that the top on-road car repair companies provide, and you really shouldn’t settle for anything less. The days of the inarticulate mechanic with reasons for charging you for breathing are long gone. Professional car mechanics are a different species, and they do their jobs properly.

The checklist above is really also a list of your entitlements as a customer. It’s not unreasonable to want good service, proper quotes and actually knowing what you’re paying for. That’s basic consumer law, and there’s no good reason to pay for anything below that standard.

The fact is that motorists with a problem are vulnerable to exploitation, and if your car needs service in a hurry, you’re likely to go with the flow, not use your brain to get the best deal. That’s another good reason for getting your car regularly serviced by top companies.

Rather than taking the risk of getting stuck with whatever’s available when you’re late for everything and distracted by your other problems, getting a good service on standby is by far the better option. Your best shot is to find a local on-road service and plan your budget to keep your car in good condition. This also prevents those shocks to the bottom line, because you prevent a lot of car problems before they happen.