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Preserve Car Exterior

Start at the bottom. It is a matter of choice, but by starting with your tyres the job will become a little easier as you will see later. You will need to use a wheel cleaner with a stiff brush to make sure the wheels are sparkling clean before rinsing and washing them off. Similarly, wash the tyres and hose them off but leave the dressing until the rest of the car is finished.

Now go to the top. When washing your car, hose it down from the roof first to make sure all loose surface dirt is washed away. Spray the doors, bonnet and boot with a firm spray to do the same thing.

With a bucket full of detergent and a soft sponge begin cleaning the car starting with the roof. Use the sponge in a circular motion to remove the dirt from the roof of the car, then moved down to clean all exterior windows. At this point you should hose off the soapsuds completely and then move to the next section.

Using the same sponge clean the left and right sides of the vehicle before moving to the bonnet area. After finishing the bonnet clean the boot including all lights.

Hose off all sides, bonnet and boot so that the car is now free of soapsuds.

Inspect the car for any missed areas and use the sponge to clean them down again. Pay particular attention to the undersides of all doors, side mirrors and areas around the number plates. When you have removed all visible dirt hose vehicle down once more.

Using a chamois or other favourite drying towel, dry the entire vehicle from top to bottom, following the same pattern you used to wash the car.

Once the car is dry you can dress the tyres with tyre protector and spray shine if you wish.

If you think the vehicle is in need of a polish, choose the appropriate grade polish for the surface you are cleaning and apply gently in a circular motion allowing the product to dry before gently buffing. It is important to always maintain a circular motion when removing and applying polish.