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Talk to Your Car Mechanic

  • Ask your mechanic if their shop is ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified. If so, they¬† have already successfully completed a testing program to become certified. When you take your car to an ASE certified mechanic, you can be confident that they will do a good job of taking care of your car. Warranty Direct has a list of approved car repair shops to refer to.
  • Before taking your car in to the mechanic, make a list of all the things you want your mechanic to look at. This is a great help to your mechanic, since they’ll know what to be looking for. Remember they are skilled technicians, but they are not psychics.
  • Take your car for a test drive before and after repairs. This is something that people commonly fail to do after having their car serviced. This can prevent return trips – sometimes problems only crop up when you are actually driving the car, so do not forget this.
  • Ask questions. Ask your mechanic what you should be looking for in terms of signs of car trouble, how frequently certain systems in your car need to be checked or serviced and how often your tires should be replaced or rotated.
  • When trying to explain noises your vehicle may be making, be as specific as possible. If there is a squeal, say so rather than trying to imitate the noise for your mechanic. Be specific about everything that happens when you drive your car that you’d like your mechanic to check out – this will help them to do a better job.
  • Ask for an estimate for any possible repairs. If you are quoted a price which you think is too much, ask around other repair ships. After having repairs done, ask your mechanic exactly what was repaired or replaced, along with how long you can expect these parts or repairs to last – find out if the repairs or parts are covered by a guarantee.
  • Whenever having a lube-oil-filter job done, ask your mechanic when you should have this done next. Make a note of what your mechanic says – some may even give you a sticker to put by your odometer to remind you.